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Sports and Tailgating transportation with Limousine Toledo

Limousine Toledo is the best way to travel to and from sporting events or for a day of tailgating! Our luxurious limousines, vans, and buses make the perfect addition to your game day!

Part of the experience at any sports game is enjoying a few cold beers during the game. It's easy to get carried away, but you definitely can't let that happen if you've driven yourself. But if you've chosen Limousine Toledo for your game day transportation you can drink all you want at the game without worries! We'll get you home safe! Not only that, but since our luxurious vehicles have on board bars, you can even do a little pre-game drinking on the way there! There's no better way to travel - no traffic jams or searching for parking for you! On the way home, you can have a few more drinks to celebrate a big win!

If tailgating is more your style, you can take it to a whole new level with Limousine Toledo! Not only can you enjoy the classic tailgating traditions of cold beers and setting up your grill and enjoying the fun atmosphere with other fans, but our buses provide you with your own VIP lounge! On board coolers are perfect for chilling your beer or mixing up some cocktails, and the sound system and colorful lighting are great for setting up a party to celebrate anything from a home run to a touch down!

Game days tend to book up quick, so if you're planning a big outing be sure to call us ASAP!

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