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Toledo Prom and Homecoming

School dance transportation with Limousine Toledo

School dances are always a big to-do for students, and prom and homecoming in particular are huge social events! And we know as parents you love seeing your kids get dressed up and excited for a big evening! But we also know that your top concern is always there safety. With Limousine Toledo you can rest assured that you're not only renting a luxurious vehicle that will make your kids happy, you're also getting a professional chauffeur to keep them safe! Each of our chauffeurs is specially trained and has passed extensive background checks for both criminal records and driving history.

Parents, we also have strict policies for transporting minors as well so you can rest assure that your kids are only in the best hands! We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol and we only accept itinerary from the contract holder, which would be you, the parent. This way you can know exactly where your kids are going and not worry about anyone asking the chauffeur to make any extra detours without your permission!

Our luxurious limousines and buses are a fun addition to any school dance and your kids will love traveling in such luxury! But your prom or homecoming rental isn't limited to just to and from the dance - Are you stopping at an alternate location to take photos? We'll take you or meet you there. Sending the kids off for dinner before homecoming? Just let us know your plans and we'll be sure to make the night go off without a hitch! Please note, that if any parents will be riding along to and from photo locations, you must rent a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone, as we cannot have any vehicles over capacity, even if it's just to drive down the road for photos.

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